Skin Academy launched a tattoo skincare brand


Skin Academy launched a tattoo skincare brand

The launch at the same time brought a wide range of benefits to the label and customers all over the world.

About the brand

INK’D is a mixture of body oil, moisturiser as well as hydrating serum. All of them do not include paraben and cruelty but healthy ingredients such as vitamin E, shea butter and coconut oil. The brand combine these ingredients together with an aim to conditioning people’s skin. In addition, inside the moisturiser is a SPF 15 which helps prevent the tattoo from sun exposure.

According to CEO of Skin Academy Antony Wagman, they had done several extensive researches about the tattoo industry for such a long time. Therefore, their study gained tattoo parlour numbers of individuals spending money on experiences and personal grooming nearly tripling in just 10 years. He also added that their ambition was to create a skincare range focusing on tattoos. It had to be in high quality and have a reasonable price so that everyone can buy easily.


Refreshing, revitalizing and protecting the skin whilst making tattoos more vibrant are the outstanding advantages that INK’D can bring to its customers. There are a number of nice comments and reviews of people consuming Skin Academy products on its website. Almost of them talks about how great they feel after using INK’D and they promise to recommend it to their friends and relatives.

In conclusion, INK’D is such a perfect brand of Skin Academy. Thanks to it, tattooists and customers now do not need to worry about the tattoos being faded on their body anymore.

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